Itchy Skin! Is that a problem for your dog?

Is your dog beside themselves with scratching & itching?

Have you tried everything and still no better?

Help at last from Wagtails.. My very own Barney is the living proof…

Barney (the Cavapoo) suffered from itchy & sensitive skin. Even after blood tests the vets couldn’t understand what the problem was. He was on Apoquel everyday – it didn’t stop the itching though.

We were both driven to despair with the problem – poor Barneys skin would bleed from him licking his paws so much.

They even turned brown due to the enzymes in his tongue, his feet looked like he was wearing brown boots – we would get stopped in the street by people saying how cute his brown boots were… if only people knew 😞

FANTASTIC news though…we have found something that works, so much so that Barney is no longer on Apoquel at all and his brown boots have disappeared!!!

Our lives have changed so much and for the better, the solution is a spray created by a vet.

Our Wagtails shop stock this product as it is a miracle – one that we will be forever grateful for.

Call me, Louisa, on 07980 713821 for more information on how we can help with your dog’s itchy & sensitive skin problems.

Now available. Can be posted anywhere in the UK.

We also provide a dog grooming bath & blow dry treatment which uses the same solution in a shampoo – this is great for easing the pain and soreness for your dog.

Call us today to book your dog in for their itchy-skin relieving treatment.

We are based in Driffield and welcome anybody who wants to visit us, we have many clients from the Kilham, Nafferton, Beswick, Beeford Beverley, Levan, Bridlington and many more local areas.

Please share this post to everybody who you know who has a dog; itchy & sensitive skin is a very common problem that we see in our salon at least once a day. All dog owners should be made aware of this fantastic solution.

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Barney and his brown sore feet

Barneys feet no loner brown and back to his normal colour fur!