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Snazzy Schnauzer’s groomed at Wagtails of Weybridge!

Well we could’nt resist this little collection of ‘snazzy schnauzer’s’! What a stunning set of Schnauzers all groomed at Wagtails of Weybridge and ready to strut their stuff this glorious spring! If you own a Schnauzer then you will know how they need regular grooming and attention (don’t we all!). Well we thought we would […]

Wagtails have it all ‘tied’ up!

We love making our customers dogs look lovely, clean and trimmed but Wagtails are now dressing them too! Well, not quite but each dog now receives a free bowtie or tie to complement their overall new look. Check out some of them here in the wall of fame! Why not get your dog groomed with […]

Boot the Wagtails Model!

Here is Boot modelling our new business cards that arrived this week. As you can see from the image, our business cards replicate a dogs tag threaded with a piece of ribbon – we think this creative approach adds a little extra sparkle to our business and makes us stand out from the rest. This […]

“Oh Ellie, where art thou?”

Ever lost your dog ? My daughter was hysterical when hers went missing for half an hour last year. But it can happen to anyone… It happened to Ellie recently. . . . . We were in the garden on a nice day, mowing the lawn; getting rid of the weeds, planting flowers… just trying […]

Ellie goes to a home and a show

My Dad is in a care home following a stroke, and we took Ellie in to see the residents this week. I have to say she lights up the place. When the visiting hairdresser noticed her she told us she was organising a dog show on behalf of the RSPCA at the local Home and […]

Ellie goes to the bank!

Last week I watched a live football match on TV. As a lifelong Leicester City fan 2015/16 is a bit special. I was alone on the sofa with Ellie and by half-time she was a bit  bored. To alleviate this I gave her an old rolled-up copy of Radio Times to play with, and after […]