Do you love that fresh, puppy smell?

Here at Wagtails of The Wolds we love dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages.

Sometimes though when dogs get a bit whiffy we wish they were back to being puppies again.

There is something very distinctive about the smell of a puppy; if you could, would you want your dog to continue smelling fresh and puppy like?

We thought so, which is why we have created a luxury and divine smelling pet perfume to spritz your dog with this scent whenever the need be.

It is a deep, fresh, woody scent that revitalises the smell of your dog – ideal for in-between dog grooming treatments and perfect for those social events.

Booty Cologne works brilliantly as an air freshener in your home too – a win win for all.

We are offering 10% OFF Booty Cologne on both bottle sizes, 100ml & 200ml.

We have designed the bottles to look stylish and to look elegant wherever they are left in the home or on the shelves.

These are great for keeping in the car, in the home and wonderful as gifts.

You can purchase Booty Cologne in our salon or order over the phone, orders can be posted UK wide.

For more information call Louisa on 07980 713821