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Wagtails of the Wolds provide a professional dog grooming service for all breeds. We use organic products so there is no irritation to the skin and helps soothe sensitive skin types. For puppies who are new to the dog grooming regime we have special puppy treatments which are extra gentle to the skin and coats. For those who want their colour of coat enhanced we have specific shampoos and conditioners to bring out the shine.

Grooming is important for your dogs health, as it helps prevent coats from becoming matted, tangled which can cause discomfort to the dog, is it also the perfect opportunity for your dog to be checked over to ensure they are healthy.

Dog coats vary from breed to breed and not all dogs need full pet grooming sessions as often as other dogs so Wagtails of the Wolds provide, not only a calm environment in our dog grooming salon, we have a wide range of pet grooming services to suit the speed in which your dogs coat grows. And for those dogs who just love a ‘freshen up’ we even have a relaxing ‘moment in the bath time’

Wagtails Products & Treatments

Wagtails of the Wolds are doggy mad, we love them for everything they stand for – madness, fun, craziness and how much love they give to us so we only use the best and most luxurious products on them.

All the products we use are organic and are spa treatments, Pet Therapy, which means the ingredients are kind to the skin, they smell divine and leave the coat in a gorgeous smooth silky condition.

We have a range of skin allergy shampoos and conditioners, Earth Bath, for those dogs who suffer from skin conditions – the ingredients used in these products are non-fragrance and again organic so they are gentle on the skin.

We even have special de-shedding shampoos and conditioners, Pozer, for those dogs who have shedding coats – this helps keep the coats from shedding as much in-between grooms – making your house less hairy and your dog smells clean and fresh for longer.

Wagtails De-Fluffing Treatment

Ears, Nails & Teeth (ENT treatment)
£10 or £4 individually


We often come across dogs whose ears are overgrowing with hair (especially dogs with floppy ears), this can cause pain, discomfort and can even lead to ear infections which are painful for the dog, costly and time consuming for you with visits to the Vets.

My very own Barney (Cavapoo) is prone to ear infections so it’s a regular treatment for Barney to prevent the ear infections and to keep pain away.


If nails are not trimmed frequently the “quick” continues to grow which means the nail cannot be clipped shorter – this can lead to the nails growing curved making it very painful for the dog and in the long run can make them very sensitive when touching their feet.

(Elderly, light weight and dogs who don’t walk on the road often are particularly prone to issues with their nails as they won’t be filed down naturally).


Teeth is another area that can cause long term pain and large vet bills to get teeth removed; a build-up of tartar can lead to smelly breath and gum disease leading to the removal of teeth.

My very own Booty (Yorkshire Terrier) is prone to tartar building up (this is a Yorkshire Terrier trait) so having her teeth cleaned regularly is something she has done to prevent these illnesses (and who wants a dog with smelly breath?)

  • Ears get de-fluffed and wax removed gently
  • Nails clipped
  • Teeth brushed – to keep tartar at bay

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Want to be part of your dogs’ spa experience?

We understand how much our dogs mean to us, so we always welcome you to stay and get involved with your dog’s spa experience – we are happy for you to be part of the washing, drying, and grooming process. Come and hang out with us and join in the fun.

Our range of services

Standard Grooming Services

  • Luxury soak in the Bath – for those fresh top-up’s
  • Tidy-up trim’s – for those dogs who just need their face and feet doing in-between full body grooms
  • Full body “Top to tail” grooms – this includes;
  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Soak in the bath
  • Blow dry
  • Body trim – in-between the toes (paws & pads), nail clipping, once over body check to see for any lumps, bumps and possible ticks, ear clean & trims.
    Finished with a scrumptious spray of doggy spray

The Full Groom Includes:

  • 2 x organic shampoo treatments
  • 1 x organic conditioning treatment
  • Blow dry and brush-out
  • Full body clip
  • Hygiene area cleaned
  • Under pads clipped
  • Finished off with a spritz of cologne

Due to different lengths and types of coats “de-matting services” can be included in the groom (at an additional cost) this will be discussed with you during the initial consultation.

If matts and tangles cannot be brushed-out we may have to shave the coat – please note; we will NEVER shave the coat without consulting with you first.

The ENT (Ears, Nails & Teeth) package can be added to the Full Groom – please make us aware at time of booking appointment or during the initial consultation.

Dog Grooming Weybridge

(Please be aware; because sizes of dogs and types of coats vary so much the price of the groom will be confirmed during the consultation – approximate prices can be given at time of booking appointment).

Testimonials from some of our happy customers

After a horrific experience at a previous groomer Louisa was recommend to me! She is FABULOUS!
I’d never go Anywhere else, I cannot recommend her highly enough. So much time and effort perfecting the groom, my Maltese Betsy comes home smelling incredible and looking glorious! I often ask advice on how to prevent matting etc and Louisa is so willing to help and so reassuring. Betsy is an extremely nervous dog but Louisa is so loving and caring that she’s put at ease, so much time and effort is put into her haircut every time I go and it shows!
I recommend Wagtails of Weybridge all the time as people comment on how lovely Betsy looks after her groom. Wouldn’t trust anyone else!!

Lisa Carolss4/01/18

Daisie and Lillie are my 2 adorable cockapoos.They have just had the most wonderful grooming experience at Wagtails. Louisa was absolutely wonderful with them and she had such a lovely manner and caring way about her. It was our first experience with Louisa and we couldn’t have been happier. The dogs looked absolutely gorgeous when I collected them with the nicest haircut they have ever had, cute little bows on their collars and smelling divine. They seemed so happy with Louisa. I would highly recommend her and we will definitely be booking in again for their next haircut.

Joan Mills 23/07/16

Thank you so much for the fabulous job you did today grooming Mason.

He still smells amazing even after a long walk, better still there are no stray hairs falling all over the house like dead pine needles from a Christmas tree on Boxing Day! He seems very chilled out since I collected him, it must have been the massage you gave him as you washed him, either that or the fragrance he came home wearing has calming properties.

He will now be a monthly regular at Wagtails for sure, I cant fault the service.

Paul B6/8/2016

Amazing! Never been happier with the results and how lovely our Bugsy looks after being to the groomer. Louisa listened to any concerns I had and any specific requirements such as shape of head and cut of ears, as Poochons can be hard to groom. Thanks Louisa, already booked for next visit! Couldn’t recommend enough!

Delilah Blakeney09/01/18

Hi Louisa, I am so pleased with the grooming you did on Herbie, he lloked and smelt gorgeous after and still does! Definately a lot less hair coming off him. Will be back for sure.


Hi Louisa, you have made one of the members at the golf club I work at so happy!! You groomed Scarlett for her and she says she has never looked as good or smelt as good as she did and she says she was so calm and not traumatised! I recommended you to her last year! Thank you.

ScarlettShih Tzu

If you are looking for a groomer where your dog is not treated as just one of many…Wagtails of Weybridge is the place!  The  ‘Mutt Hut’ is clean and quiet, and  Louisa treats your beloved pet like her own. She did a great job on my cocker spaniel, who came back looking very smart, and smelling divine after a happy and stress free experience.


“Fantastic groomers, Louise is super friendly and always makes Rupert smell and look amazing!”

Jessica Spokes09/01/18

Hi Louisa, just a quick text to say thank you so much for looking after Freddie yeaterday. He looked so smart and was so happy when he came home – thank you again and we will definately be booking him in again with you!


Ruby is a Cavachon (King Charles & Bichon), our previous groomers made her look like a poodle but Louisa listened to my requests and retained her character with a wonderful cut and groom. Again for Amber, Cockerpoos are very lively but Louisa’s calm and gentle touch encouraged her to behave and resulted in her second only groom, being a happy experience and a very pretty result.


“Thank you very very much for grooming Doug (Labradoodle puppy) so wonderfully and also for obviously looking after him so well. He was very content so a big thank you for making his first grooming experience really positive.”

Rachel 27/12/16

Brando looks lovely and I’m very pleased with his shorter haircut. I was going to send you an email to say how pleased I was with how it went yesterday. I thought to myself we will have to come more often now! I shall try and keep it that way. I could still smell his perfume today. What a treat from foxes etc! I wonder if he likes it too?! I hope so as dogs seem on the whole to love smelling disgusting!

Yesterday and today Brando got so many compliments. I went to Cranleigh and people crossing the road to ask about him! He has never had so many admirers, particularly since his grooming session!

Love Anita x “


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