Last week I watched a live football match on TV. As a lifelong Leicester City fan 2015/16 is a bit special. I was alone on the sofa with Ellie and by half-time she was a bit  bored. To alleviate this I gave her an old rolled-up copy of Radio Times to play with, and after a while this was reduced to confetti. No matter – or so I thought….

Next day I was alone with her again and made the mistake of leaving my wallet on the dining table. My previous wallet had been destroyed by her but it needed replacing anyway – and was empty. This time it contained a nice new £20 note so imagine my concern when I saw the intact wallet in one corner, and a £20 note on the opposite side that looked as if it had been through the shredder. Ellie had discovered a taste for paper.

In the afternoon I sheepishly took her into the local Lloyds Bank. It was half-term so there were four young children sitting on the low window-sill whilst the cashiers were slowly reducing the queue, I joined it whilst Ellie amused the kids. “Cute dog” said the cashier when I reached the front. “I’m glad you said that” I replied, ” because that’s why we’re here”.

( If she hadn’t been that cute I’m sure the cashier wouldn’t have swapped the shredded note for a brand new one.)

So no harm done, but I think the Government ought to introduce a £20 coin……

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