My Dad is in a care home following a stroke, and we took Ellie in to see the residents this week. I have to say she lights up the place. When the visiting hairdresser noticed her she told us she was organising a dog show on behalf of the RSPCA at the local Home and Garden event. So today we took her to the Showground and registered her for a couple of catagories. There were loads of hounds there and a choice of 25 catagories. One lady had five collies in the back of her 4 x 4. There were all sizes, from Yorkies to St Bernards. There might have even been a couple of gorillas there too,as it ressembled a zoo at times.

We entered two categories : ” prettiest bitch ” was the first, and we came no-where. I think it was won by a dog in a frock, so we hung around until it was time for our other entry, this time “bitch in best condition”.

There were 22 entries, all sorts and very smart animals too. Most had been expertly coiffured and I felt we were up against some seasoned campaigners. It was too late to bribe the judges so we just had to wait whilst a vet came over and manually examined each dog in turn before conferring with the two lady judges in the middle of the square. Then they presented the rosettes to the winners – including second place for Ellie ! The winner was a Rottweiler which probably only won because it would have savaged the judges otherwise…
Am I bitter ? Well the Rottweiler didn’t present much of a grooming challenge, but it did look a sleek beast with nice sharp teeth so I guess for our next show we just need to replace Ellie’s cuteness with “attitude”….