Home Help in Driffield, Yorkshire

Do you need extra help with looking after your pets?

These days we all live very fast paced busy lives and many people are living alone, so getting that extra help with our pets can sometimes be tricky and stressful on top of everything else.

Worry no longer as Wagtails of the Wolds provide a Home Help service.

This service is ideal for parents, or family members, who live away from the rest of the family and need help on a regular basis, in emergency situations, or on a one-off basis, to look after their beloved dog (and pets).

It takes the pressure off YOU from having to juggle your everyday life, or take time off work, to drop everything to help your family member by making sure the animals are looked after.

When I was living in Weybridge I had nobody who I fully trusted with my dogs so every time I went away for the weekend, on holiday, or had meetings all day long, I would always have to travel up to Driffield to drop my dogs off with my parents, OR my Dad would get the train to Weybridge (a 4 hour journey each way) to pick up the dogs.

All this planning would have to be accounted for on top of my trip away – which would cause me no end of stress, extra worry and more time off work.

Therefore, our Home Help Service has been created – I would have loved to have had that extra bit of help to give me some freedom and know that my fur babies were in safe hands.

So, what exactly is Wagtails Home Help Service?

This service includes feeding your pets whilst you are away on holiday, or in hospital, or in emergency situations, we can even provide a “clean on arrival” grooming service – so when you return home from your trip your pet is ready and waiting smelling fresh and ready to smother you in much needed kisses.

This means you can now go to your meetings, trips away or hospital stays, and know that your pet will be safe in their own home and have no disturbance to their normal routine, giving YOU peace of mind and no extra stress!

This service can be booked as a one-off or as a regular service depending on your individual requirements.

Call us for a friendly chat on how we can help you with your home help pet needs 07980 713821

Home Help Includes:

  • Feeding pets
  • Change water in water bowls
  • Play time – keep them company for a specific length of time
  • Making sure bedding is all clean and replaced with fresh bedding
  • Clean on arrival groom (this would be an additional fee at a reduced rate of 10% OFF)
  • If you have any extra needs, please let us know
home from hospital

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