Ever lost your dog ? My daughter was hysterical when hers went missing for half an hour last year. But it can happen to anyone…
It happened to Ellie recently. . . . .

We were in the garden on a nice day, mowing the lawn; getting rid of the weeds, planting flowers… just trying to make up time for all the days lost to rain over the last few weeks. Normally Ellie sticks to us like a shadow; but in the garden tends to do her own thing amongst the bushes, compost, dead rabbits, you know the kind of thing…or she’ll just lie in the sun.

On this sunny day we retired to our garden bench after an exacting shift. The bench is against the kitchen wall in the sun, an apt place to rest and enjoy a drink – until we noticed there was NO SIGN OF THE DOG..

We called – and whistled, but she had disappeared. Had one of us left the side gate open and she had escaped to the road in front of an encroaching farm vehicle ? Or had she magaged to get through the hedge at the back like her cava-poo pal had done a few days earlier ? Now there were cows on the other side of the hedge so could she have been involved in a stampede ? Suddenly the scenario was bleak. We were faced with losing our dearest friend.

What to do ? No point in calling the police. We could make a phone call and scramble all other dog-owners we know in the village, or, living near the coast, we could ring the guys that operate the air-sea rescue helicopter and worry about the expense later. Or we could argue with each other as to who was responsible for not being dog-aware….

But then, all of a sudden, I felt a wet nose on my leg and out from under the bench emerged our Ellie with a yawn, and when the yawn had disappeared those teeth formed a little smile – no doubt anticipating the forthcoming hug from the wife, and the little doggie-noise from me : Grrrr…..

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    I totally understand the relief felt when the loved one showed herself, I have that same worry every time my naughty dog goes rabbit hunting, despite wearing a bell around her neck she still manages to disappear!


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